John Carpenter Releases Debut Album 'Lost Themes': Rare Appearance at BAM, Claims to Have Raised Dave Davies's, of The Kinks, Son

By Jaime Prisco on Feb 04, 2015 03:19 PM EST

The rise of John Carpenter has come for all you horror fans. Well, I guess many would say it never really left. After the release of his first album Lost Themes, Carpenter will be making a rare appearance Feb. 5 at the Brooklyn Academy of Music to celebrate the album's release. Recently, he has been speaking to outlets about his musical process, his inspirations and his godson, Daniel Davies, son of Dave Davies of The Kinks, who Carpenter claims to have raised!

Known for his horror films such as Halloween and The Thing, Carpenter has always created the music for his films, but Lost Themes is his first actual album. Filled with spooky sounds and creative whirling “late-night alone in your house” feel, Lost Themes could easily be a soundtrack to any of his movies. Though it seems this work of art took a lot of deep thought and some painstakingly long days, Carpenter claimed, in an interview with Billboard, most of his music is improvised.

“I don't want to upset your image, but this is all improvised. There's nothing written. It started two and a half years ago with my son. We'd play a video game for two hours, and then go to my Logic Pro setup downstairs. We'd improvise music for a couple hours, and then go back up and play video games. And then improvise more music. Over a period of time, this became the album,” says Carpenter.

This little tidbit was not the only revealing fact to come from the interview. He also mentioned working with Daniel Davies, “the kid that I raised,” on the new album. But this did not go over great with Dave Davies, Daniel’s famous father, the lead vocalist of The Kinks. Davies responded to Billboard, saying that the two were close friends during a difficult time in Daniel’s adolescence.

"I feel as though it is an exaggeration for John Carpenter to say he raised my son when really he just stepped in to help during a difficult period. He did not know my son during Daniel's early childhood years and I don't want to come off in the press as someone who neglected a son of mine,” said Dave.

Throughout all this, Carpenter still remains at the top of his game, reminding us all why horror is so important and the beautiful art that comes from fear. He recently spoke to Interview magazine about this, saying, “ You see, horror is a universal language; we're all afraid. We're born afraid, we're all afraid of things: death, disfigurement, loss of a loved one. Everything that I'm afraid of, you're afraid of and vice versa. So everybody feels fear and suspense.”

Lost Themes was released Feb. 4. Check out one of the songs "Night" below:

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