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Scott Thorson on Howard Stern: Liberace, Jail and Sex with Michael Jackson

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Jun 17, 2013 01:38 PM EDT | Jonathan Lambert


Liberace, back when everyone thought he was straight? (Photo : Alan Light)

Scott Thorson, the scorned ex-lover of Liberace, made a memorable appearance on The Howard Stern Show today. He discussed how much he loved jail and what sex with Michael Jackson was like.

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Thorson appeared on Howard to promote some upcoming projects that, more than likely, will never come to fruition. Phrases like "We're hoping that HBO or someone will pick it up," were spoken often.

The entire interview, even the sections I didn't believe, was thrilling. He covered everything from Behind the Candelabra to being arrested (many times). But the highlight of the interview, was Scott dishing dirt about Michael Jackson.

It was Lee (Liberace) who first introduced Thorson and Jackson. After things were falling apart for Thorson and Liberace, Scott started to date Michael.

Thorson alleges that the relationship spanned six years, without the two ever engaging in full intercourse. What they did engage in, however, is too scandalous to post here.

While Scott boasted about his own manhood (to a shameful degree), he put down the size of both Michael and Lee. He went so far as to call Lee's "horrible and gross."

"He injected it with silicon, you know?"

No...I did not.

Thorson and Jackson's relationship, Scott claims, was at its peak during the release of Thriller. It just didn't work out for the pair, so they split ways.

When questioned by Stern about Jackson's alleged pedophilia, Thorson defended his formal lover. Scott said he was saddened when Michael had to pay $20 million to avoid a trial.

The interview then drifted into Scott's legal trouble. Thorson surprised Stern when he spoke favorably of his time in prison. Thorson claims his cell was beside Manson's and the two often spoke.

For a moment, Howard jumped back to Thorson's days with Liberace. They address Thorson having plastic surgery, at age 18, in order to look more like Liberace, at the behest of Liberace, himself:

He also said that Liberace knowingly gave AIDS to four young boys.

"He said he was on a watermelon diet. He contacted me three times to ask if my health was fine. So, I went to a doctor that straight out lied to me. Then one day Liberace called and sent a plane to take me to one of his shows. He told me then."

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