Buddy Rich's Authenticated and Complete 1960s Zildjian Cymbal Set Available on eBay for $29,995

By Ian Holubiak on Feb 18, 2015 10:34 PM EST

Buddy Rich's complete 1960s Zildjian cymbal set is available for purchase on eBay. In the massive world of the Internet, anything is apparently possible.

The item, which is priced at an astronomical $29,995, is reckoned to have been used by the big Rich himself. No cracks, damages or stick marks are visible--which should make you wonder just slightly.

To provide some background, Donn Bennett writes recounts at Drum! how he discovered the cymbal set, which he claims to have practically stumbled upon by chance.

Having found himself in the presence of a trap case that supposedly belonged to the jazz drumming legend, the case contained what were claimed to be a complete set of Rich's 1960s Zildjian cymbals. The seller, the uncle of a former Rich band member, whose nephew had passed away a few years earlier, claimed legitimacy.

In order to authenticate the set, Bennett had to track down Zildjian's artists relations manager during the 1960s, Lennie Dimuzio, who inspected the collection.

Dimuzio was one of Rich's closest friends and had worked in the drum industry for decades, writes Bennett, and it was his job to hand select cymbals that catered to Rich's style and sound.

The cymbals are actually a classic example of legendary 1960s A Zildjians — bright, sparkly, and shimmering. The set included a 20" ride, two 18" crashes (one slightly thinner than the other), a pair of 14" New Beat hi-hats, and an 8" splash.

With the case still unsolved as to how the cymbals ended up with a deceased band member, Bennett is asking for anyone with a lead to contact him at

For now, check out something from Rich below.

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