Val Kilmer, Fat and Begging for ‘Top Gun’ and ‘Heat’ Sequels on ‘Larry King,' Preps for One-Man Mark Twain Show While Dissing Bob Dylan

By Jonathan Lambert on Jun 27, 2013 01:36 PM EDT

Val Kilmer, who used to be one of the hottest men on Earth, is now fat and looking for work. The actor begged for sequels to be made to both Top Gun and Heat on Larry King’s new Hulu show. Kilmer also discussed prepping for his one-man Mark Twain show and how he accidentally dissed Bob Dylan.

Kilmer, who hasn’t had many acting gigs as of late, is trying to create a few of his own. On Larry King, Kilmer gave his own ideas on how the sequel to Heat would go:

“Here’s my pitch. You remember Natalie Portman in it? She’s Pacino’s adopted daughter, so she comes home and says, ‘Daddy, daddy, I want you to meet my fiancé.’ And it’s me. He’s retired and I come to Chicago where he’s retired back to and I’m going to torture him, and then I’m going to kill him.”

Heat isn’t the only film Kilmer wants to see a sequel made for. He is also trying to get a follow up made to the highly popular Top Gun, which was released way back in 1986. Kilmer offered up his thoughts on the sequel:

"I think it wouldn't be that difficult to maintain the spirit of it. Tony was the most generous, positive director I've ever worked for in film. He's not known as an actor's director because he's such a vivid stylist with the camera, but he really loved acting and getting the shot."

Kilmer has also discussed his upcoming one-man-show “Citizen Twain.” The play will be opening on June 28 and while Val was doing press for the event, he discussed a time where he dissed the legendary Bob Dylan:

“He shows up and sits down and he wants to talk about Tombstone, but I just can’t…Eventually he says, ‘ain’t you going to say anything about that movie?’ and I said, “do some ‘Blowing in the Wind’...That’s what I said to him, basically I said no. I get like that sometimes. Anyway, I felt like an idiot afterwards, well, yeah I could have said a few lines. They’re fun lines too, like people still ask me to say lines and now I’ll tell any schmo in the airport, I’ll say ‘I’m your huckleberry,’ but I wouldn’t say it to Bob Dylan!”

What a loser!

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