New K-Pop Show 'Make It Pop' Co-Produced by Nick Cannon, Starring Megan Lee to Hit Nickelodeon in the 2015-16 Season

By Jaime Prisco on Mar 03, 2015 04:17 PM EST

K-pop is no longer an overseas obsession. A new Nickelodeon show co-created by Nick Cannon titled Make It Pop has been greenlit for the 2015-16 season. K-pop singer Megan Lee has been announced as one of the show's female leads. The show had been rumored for a while with the description being a “mashup of Glee and the Korean pop aesthetic.” The half-hour musical comedy will be co-created by executive producers Thomas W. Lynch and Cannon.

The new show follows three teenage girls who meet as roommates at an international boarding school and bond over their shared loved for K-pop. With the help of a fellow schoolmate, the girls eventually form a K-pop band that gains school-wide recognition as they compete for a spot in the upcoming school musical.

Lee has snagged the lead role of Sun Hi, an aspiring pop star who knows her way around social media. Not too much of a stretch for the singer, who made herself known through her various YouTube videos. Louriza Tronco will play Jodi, a fashionista and hip-hop enthusiast, while Erika Tham will star as Corki, a bookish classmate.

Lee was signed to Soul Shop Entertainment, which she has currently filed a civil lawsuit against. Lee has requested a nullification of her five-year contract, claiming she was severely, verbally abused by members of the management and that they had used intimidation tactics to shape her career. Her lawsuit against the label is still pending.

Make It Pop is being produced by DHX Media and is one of Nickelodeon's three new, live-action shows. So far, the series is slated for 20 episodes, with each episode featuring original songs and performances.

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