Lang Lang Plays Liszt and the Rain!

By Logan K. Young on Jul 02, 2013 03:37 PM EDT

If an earthquake couldn't stop him, what's a li'l drizzle going to do to superstar pianist Lang Lang?

Evidently...nothing at all.

OK, so it was more than just a few droplets that rained down upon him at an outdoor concert in Eastern China. In fact, from the looks of the video below, it's darn near a downpour.

But, like Neil Finn once said, half of the time, there is freedom within said deluge. And Lang Lang--perhaps the most free Chinese pianist in Hangzhou that night--caught nearly every drop of Liszt's "La Campanella" and Chopin's "Ocean" étude into his paper cup.

On Monday, Lang Lang, himself, took to Facebook to talk about the weather:

"I had an incredible experience playing an outdoor concert at 'West Lake' in Hangzhou (Eastern China). Halfway through the concert, it began pouring rain, and a tarp was brought out to cover the piano and me. The crowd got soaked but they stayed and cheered me on through the concert and several encores. I actually loved playing in the rain and was inspired by the beauty of nature and the crowd's perseverance."

Indeed. For Asian audiences and the classical music they love, going out is better than always staying in. Drink to them, then, thine eyes only, Ms. Duff.

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