Megyn Kelly at FOX News, with Baby Due Date and Divorce Final, Moves to Prime Time

By Jonathan Lambert on Jul 04, 2013 12:46 PM EDT

FOX News anchorwoman, Megyn Kelly, will be moving into prime time. With her nasty divorce behind her, Kelly is focusing on the due date of her third baby.

Since 2010, the news anchor has been hosting America Live, a FOX News show that airs weekdays at 1:00p.m. It appears that the host has a lot of changes coming in her life.

Back in February, the 42-year-old reporter announced that she and husband, Doug Brunt are expecting their third child together:

"Every Valentine's Day we always struggle to find just the right gift, and yet this year I believe that we found the perfect solution. Happily, Doug and I are expecting another baby."

Fans were overjoyed by her word as to whether FOX was as pleased. The network announced yesterday that they would be moving the new mom to prime time, as soon as she returns from maternity leave.

Despite being unsure of when that could be, Roger Ailes, CEO of FOX, felt confident enough to confirm reports and issued a statement of his own:

"Megyn is an exceptional talent who has successfully filled and surpassed each role we have given her at the network," Ailes said. "Her ability to command the screen, delve into the facts and lead a debate is what makes her one of the most sought-after anchors in the business."

Currently, there is no word as to whether or not Megyn will be bumping off another anchor for the coveted position. It seems unlikely that they would co-host one of the prime time slots, but stranger things have happened.

What do you guys think? Is this a smart move on FOX’s part or just another blunder? Let us know in the comments section below.

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