Sean Lowe Wife Catherine Giudici NOT Pregnant; Slams ‘Bachelor’ and ‘DWTS’ TV Show? [GOSSIP NEWS]

By Shane Jordan on Mar 15, 2015 11:04 PM EDT

Sean Lowe is thankful for finding his wife, Catherine Giudici, on the Bachelor a few years back, but that is about it. According to the latest gossip news updates, the Season 17 lead was often frustrated by his public perception during his time on the TV show and insists that he would not allow his children -- especially any future daughters -- to ever compete on the series in any capacity. The Dallas furniture store owner turned television personality also claims that his time on ABC's Dancing with the Stars almost derailed his relationship to his then fiancé despite their best intentions. Speaking of Catherine -- Lowe, who is promoting his new book detailing his time on the three series, also wants everyone to understand that she isn't pregnant. The 31-year-old Bachelorette runner-up says they have given themselves five years to start to family.

Former Bachelor Sean Lowe never dropped his smile during his time as the face of the franchise, but he admitted in the March 23, issue of In Touch Weekly that is wasn't always easy having to grin his way through introductions as the "Virgin Bachelor":

"Frustrating...I was labeled as this weirdo and outcast -- like, 'Look at him! He seems normal, but he's taking such an abnormal stance!'"

Lowe also revealed that he really doesn't ever see himself even allowing his son to join the Bachelor in the future -- and his daughter's participation is definitely a deal breaker:

"I don't think so! I know I sound like such a hypocrite, but it's like walking through a minefield.

"A son? Maybe...[But] my daughter is not making out with a bunch of dudes on TV!

"A daughter? No way!"

Unfortunately for current Bachelor Chris Soules and his current fiancé, Whitney Bischoff, Sean also claims that his time on Dancing on the Stars was almost the death of his relationship with Catherine:

"When I did Dancing with the Stars, we were newly engaged, and I was rehearsing 12-hours a day -- it was unfair to Catherine."

Whatever issues Sean Lowe may have with his ABC franchise hat trick, legendary Hollywood icon Sean Penn loves The Bachelor's high as lows -- just like any other superfan.

During a recent chat with Jimmy Kimmel, Charlize Theron's fiancé explained that his favorite parts were, or course, the rose ceremonies and the contestants' ugly meltdowns (via ABC News):

"I don't really want to hear the conversations. I want to know the decisions.

"Is he going to decide on this one or this one?

"And I want to see somebody cry, and then see somebody get ecstatic and then see them cry."

Who knows...maybe the producers will even get the uber-fan to join Jimmy Kimmel when he crashes the set next year.

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