Lady Gaga New Album 'ARTPOP' Release Date, Songs & Rumors 2013, Twitter Account Closed [UPDATE]

By Jonathan Lambert on Jul 08, 2013 11:52 AM EDT

Lady Gaga's new album ARTPOP has a tentative release date set for 2013. While the internet abounds with rumors about her new songs, today's headlines are dominated by the stars social media use (or lack thereof). With no warning, Lady Gaga has temporarily closed her ultra-popular Twitter account.

Lady Gaga has more followers on Twitter than any other female in the world. So, it seemed strange for her to abruptly pull the plug on her 39 million fans. It should be noted that the celeb has only "temporarily" suspended her account. Along with the removal of all pictures, background and header image, her bio was also removed. In its place read:

"This interface has been shutdown temporarily. Please check back for updates."

Many news outlets are calling this a publicity stunt. And...that kinda' makes sense. Her third studio release, ARTPOP, is coming out soon. So, why not get everyone focused on your Twitter account before you make a major announcement about your upcoming album?

Gaga's a smart gal. She knows how to drum up publicity and the boatload. A few weeks back, it was revealed that the artist made Forbes' 'Most Powerful' list. A lot of criteria went in to making that decision.

First, and obviously most important, was money. From June 2012 to June 2013, the artist raked in over $80 million, and that’s just for touring! Many media outlets suggest that the singer could have made up to $120 million if she didn’t have to cut short her last tour. Gaga had to undergo emergency hip surgery, so that she could continue her provocative and sexually charged dance numbers.

Forbes also took into account the singer’s massive social media presence. On Twitter, Gaga has a staggering 38 million followers. She does even better on Facebook, with over 58 million fans.

The artist is sure to increase her own net worth and fan base with her new album, ARTPOP. While not a lot of info is known about ARTPOP, fans did receive some fresh insight about what Gaga’s new songs would be like in 2013, via producer Zedd.

Zedd, the German DJ who is producing her upcoming album, provided fans with the most details to date. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the artist commented thusly:

"I'm really, really excited for people to hear what we came up with. I just really can't imagine they would not like it, to just say it straight up. I think the stuff we've made is pretty f--cking cool. It's amazing, because does not have to please anyone, and she is who she is. Her first idea of how we should approach the music was just to be completely open--nothing is too crazy. Whatever is dope is dope. We do whatever we want, and we don't have to make a song that's three minutes and 30 seconds just to fit the radio."

The producer went on to describe the process the two used when planning the new album:

"We didn't try to make an EDM album--but, at the same time, we didn't try not to make an EDM album. I've done a lot of stuff that's really outside of what I usually do. There was one song that started from her just giving me, like, 10 words to describe an emotion, and then I had to make this into music. It's been a very experimental way of approaching music."

Regardless of their unusual approach, the new album is sure to delight fans who have been clamoring for more Gaga since the singer’s hip surgery ended her last tour.

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