‘Girls’ Lena Dunham Declared Anti-Semite after Brian Williams Daughter Allison Wedding Postponed? [GOSSIP NEWS]

By Shane Jordan on Mar 28, 2015 07:22 PM EDT

Despite the fact that her mother Laurie Simmons is Jewish, Girls creator Lena Dunham finds herself being labeled as an anti-Semite. Apparently, some folks are taking serious offence at the idea of Hannah Horath comparing all Jewish men to dogs in her latest piece for the New Yorker. According to the latest gossip news updates, Dunham's HBO co-star and Peter Pan dud, Allison Williams, has postponed her wedding to boyfriend, Ricky Van Veen, is the wake of her father, Brian Williams, suspension from NBC News for misremembering his experience in the Iraq War.

Regardless of her intentions at this point, Lena Dunham is being branded as decidedly anti-Semitic following the release of her article, 'Dog or Jewish Boyfriend? A Quiz.', in The New Yorker this week -- which asks the reader to decide if the sentiments in the piece best apply to their dog or their Jewish boyfriend.

Anti-Defamation League national director, Abraham H. Foxman, has already strongly denounced the article as racist and openly questioned the magazine's decision to publish the piece (via Fox News):

"While we understand that humor is its own special brand of expression and always try to give leeway to comedians, we wish that she had chosen another, less insensitive way to publicly reflect on her boyfriend's virtues and vices.

"We are surprised that the New Yorker chose to print it."

The Norway-based illustrator for the  article, Bendik Kaltenborn, told The Slate that in his opinion Lena was trying to go for a laugh by playing to a stereotype that she was intimately familiar with the way Larry David has done throughout his career:

"I saw on the New Yorker's Facebook that some people are really offended. I just thought it was obviously done with love.

"It's sort of humor in the same tradition as Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm."

Sadly, Lena is going to have to get through this without the help of Girls bestie, Allison Williams, who is supposedly struggling to deal with her own demons in the wake of her father's temperary dismissal from NBC.

One source close to the HBO beauty revealed in the April 6, issue of OK! Magazine, that Allison was having a hard time dealing with Brain Williams' very public fall from grace:

"It's been very hard for her to accept...her hero is now the subject of ridicule.

"Allison's become increasingly distant from reality."

The informant goes on to insist that Allison was so upset that she had even gone as far as to postpone her wedding to fiancé, Ricky Van Veen, but the super-sleuths at Gossip Cop reportedly discovered that wasn't exactly the case:

"That's a bogus premise...She and Van Veen never set a date [for their wedding]."

Sounds like someone needs to remind the ladies of Girls that their supposed to save their personal controversies for the show's hiatus.

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