Bethenny Frankel Show: Divorce Turns Nasty, Jason Hoppy Attacks Real Housewife

By Jonathan Lambert on Jul 11, 2013 01:35 PM EDT

Bethenny Frankel, former Real Housewives star, is going through a nasty divorce. Jason Hoppy, her soon-to-be-former husband, attacked the star in court yesterday.

Mr. Hoppy made some startling accusations to the judge who is presiding over their divorce case. He told the court that Mrs. Frankel called him "trash" in front of their daughter. In addition to the accusations, the source revealed to Radar Online:

"The argument took place in their swanky Tribeca apartment. She also said Jason was lazy and stupid, because Jason doesn’t have a regular full-time job. While James has always been very, very careful to never say anything negative about Bethenny in front of Bryn."

What makes matters worse is that Bethenny, who is now 42, and Jason, 41, are still living together. They both still reside in the Tribeca apartment where the alleged altercation occurred. Bethenny discussed this matter on Good Morning America:

"Listen, it's a struggle, and like any struggle, you push through it and move forward. I'm going through something very difficult. And you know what? Every dark cloud has a silver lining. I do have a beautiful daughter and I have a lot of things to be thankful and grateful for."

Bethenny will soon be hitting the road. If for no other reason, the star has gotten a gig that requires some traveling.

After a successful 6 weeks of testing, Fox has offered Frankel her own daytime talk show. Starting late-July, Bethenny will be flying over to Houston for the show.

While this should be a happy time for Frankel, Hoppy is determined to ruin it. He is suing for full custody, child support payment and for his daughter to never appear on the show.

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