Guillermo del Toro Confirms ‘Justice League Dark Universe’ Script Finished After ‘Thor 3: Ragnarock’ Tom Hiddleston DC Casting Rumors

By James Knight on Apr 03, 2015 11:30 AM EDT

It is official! The script for Guillermo del Toro’s Justice League Dark film, Dark Universe, has been finished. The Hellboy director recently opened up about completing the film. However, he was not able to confirm that he will be directing the new film. Guillermo del Toro’s busy schedule may keep him from committing? That could mean bad news for anyone hoping to see Crimson Peak stars Tom Hiddleston (Avengers 2, Thor 3: Ragnarok) and Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) joining the cast.

Recently, IGN caught up with Guillermo del Toro on the set of his FX series, The Strain, who updated them on about the state of the Justice League Dark [Dark Universe] film series:

"We turned in our [script] revision, and it all depends on the calendar, you know?.. If I can do it, I would love to do it. And I think the screenplay and the characters are very solid.”

Del Toro went on to explain that the film is too big to commit too without the proper time to devote, adding:

"You cannot say, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it after I do this,’ or ‘I have the first season of The Strain, [Justice League Dark] needs to fall into the plan of the DC Universe."

Guillermo del Toro is well known for pushing his actors, and working with the same actors over again. That has some fans wonder if Guillermo del Toro will cast Crimson Peak stars Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Hunnam, if he does direct the film.

Would you like to see Tom Hiddleston and Charlie Hunnam join the Dark Universe? What roles would you like to see them play? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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