Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban Divorce After Tom Cruise Split, 'Grace' Movie Flop?

By Jonathan Lambert on Apr 11, 2015 03:53 PM EDT

Rumors are once again flying that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are headed towards a divorce. This latest news comes after Kidman's last marriage to Tom Cruise was profiled in HBO's documentary, Going Clear. Meanwhile, this isn't the only bad news for Kidman, whose latest film Grace of Monaco flopped.

Well, the tabloids are back at it.

This week the sensational gossip rags are reporting that Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman could be headed towards a split. According to one source who spoke with OK! Magazine, Nicole is fed up with all of Keith's constant touring (via Gossip Cop):

"Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban never see each other because of their jam-packed work schedules, and...their marriage [is] suffering, [Keith] was hoping [Nicole] might come along, but she's over it. She hates sleeping on a tour bus. It's no place for a wife and children...He doesn't see why he should give up his career, which is booming right now..."

As usual, the laughable tabloid offered up no real evidence to support their ludicrous claims.

Unfortunately, Nicole is facing some actual bad news.

Her latest film, Grace of Monaco, isn't even going to make it into theatres. Instead, the film will debut on Lifetime.

Huffington Post offered up their synopsis for why the film utterly flopped:

"There were other signals this film would flop beyond disputes over its cut. The genre seems to be struggling with last year's Diana, which actually scored one point lower than the abysmal rating Grace earned on Rotten Tomatoes (8 and 9 percent, respectively). Both were nearly unanimously panned by critics, which may have signaled too low of a return in taking Grace to theaters."

What do you think about the latest reports? Will you be watching Grace of Monaco? Do you think that Nicole and Keith will be staying together? Is there any chance that Scientologists have hurt Nicole's career?

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