Michelle Rodriguez’ Ex-Girlfriend Cara Delevingne Dating St Vincent? [NEWS]

By Shane Jordan on May 10, 2015 04:47 PM EDT

Although they have been rumored to be having problems lately, word has it that Cara Delevingne is still happily dating former Polyphonic Spree guitarist turned solo recording artist, Annie Clark, better known the world over as St. Vincent. According to the latest gossip news updates, the Burberry supermodel is still trying to make it work with her rockstar girlfriend, but some friends feel their relationship is already doomed. If Michelle Rodriguez' ex does ultimately break up with Clark, Miley Cyrus is said to be more than ready to step in as her new girlfriend. After not-so-stellar relationships with Liam Hemsworth and Patrick Schwarzenegger, Hannah Montana is reportedly looking to broaden her sexual horizons and can think of no one she'd rather take that plunge with than the often topless Instagram pinup.

Cara Delevingne may want people to know that she is definitely still in love with her rock guitarist girlfriend, St. Vincent, but some of her friends reportedly feel that the Burberry beauty has probably already damaged their relationship beyond repair with her hard partying and even harder fighting.

One source claiming to be close to the couple reveals in the May 18 issue Star Magazine that it's more than likely that Cara and Annie will go their separate ways some time in the not too distant future:

"It's always the same story with Cara...a constant roller coaster that's more of a partying partnership than a love affair.

"Her romances are hot and sexual then turn into a slippery slope of too much partying that leads to nonstop fighting.

"As for now the two have patched things up...but it's a toxic relationship that no one thinks will last."

As soon as things do go south, however, Miley Cyrus will reportedly be looking to swoop in and put the moves on the vulnerable Paper Towns actress.

A behind-the-scenes spy in Hannah Montana's camp told the Hollywood Life that Miley was hoping against hope that she could realize her dream of becoming an official bisexual with the very same woman that helped Fast and Furious badass Michelle Rodriguez with her very public transition last year:

"She's also beyond disillusioned with dating dudes right now. She thinks the majority of men are pigs and she has major trust issues.

"So the idea of dating a woman is very appealing right now, no one would be surprised if she does. And the first girl on her mind is Cara."

According to the informant, Cyrus has even gone as far as to prime the Delevingne pump -- making sure to become close friends with Cara before eventually setting the final stage of her plan in motion once she's single once again:

"[Miley's] been getting close to Cara lately. They've known each other for a while but they're starting to get super tight.

"She's exploring her sexuality, she's very attracted to women and she has been for a very long time.

"[And] Miley thinks she's super cool. She's a big fan of Cara right now."

Who do you think would make the better Hollywood power-couple, Cara and alt-rock guitar goddess or the infamous "Wrecking Ball" twerker?

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