Hot Jennifer Aniston News: Pregnant Rumors Back, Defends Upcoming Marriage and Wedding on Hold at ‘Meet the Millers’ Press [UPDATE]

By Jonathan Lambert on Jul 31, 2013 03:37 PM EDT

Rumors that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant are back. Tabloids are claiming the hot former Friends star is pregz and that her wedding is on hold. While on a publicity tour for her upcoming film, Meet the Millers, the star discussed her upcoming marriage and refuted tabloids claims. We have an official update below.

In Touch, the frequently wrong gossip mag, is once again claiming that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant. In fact, they go so far as to claim, “the world’s eyes are on the 44-year-old’s growing bump.”

This comes after Jennifer Aniston’s publicist officially denied such rumors. Of course, Jennifer is doing a bit of denying herself these days.

Aniston was doing press for her upcoming film, We’re the Millers, when she revealed that her wedding has never been canceled or postponed...because no date has ever been established.

Due to Aniston’s celebrity stature, gossip sites will often make up rumors just to sell subscriptions. However, speculation that the pair have fallen on tough times, seems to add up.

Theroux considers himself a proud New Yorker. Sources claim that he has asked his beautiful bride-to-be to split time between her home and The Big Apple. But, Jenn refuses to leave her nest in sunny Los Angeles.

Jenn denied these rumors, however. She told a group of reporters that:

"We just want to do it when it's perfect, and we're not rushed, and no one is rushing from a job or rushing to a job. And, you know, we already feel married. We have yet to set any dates. There have been no canceled weddings. There have been no postponed weddings. There have been no arguments about where to get married. Just clearing all that up.”

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