Tori Spelling Child Endangerment Claims: Cheating Dean McDermott to Blame?

By Jonathan Lambert on May 18, 2015 08:00 PM EDT

Tori Spelling has been called a lot of things, but this is the first time the reality star has been accused of child endangerment by so many media outlets. Turns out, however, it may be her cheating husband Dean McDermott who is really to blame.

When you're a celebrity...or even just a's difficult doing anything without generating some buzz -- even if it's really your husband who should be criticized.

Perhaps that's why the media freaked out when they saw photos of Tori Spelling's son riding on the back of Dean McDermott's motorcycle. According to Washington Post, Tori was more than aware that son Liam was going to hitch a ride on dad's cycle:

"Tori Spelling has been criticized for letting her eight-year-old son ride on her husband's motorcycle...husband Dean McDermott was spotted driving his $27,000 Indian Roadmaster with their eldest child, Liam, on the back in Encino, California...The 41-year-old actress was reportedly "keenly aware" that Liam, who appeared to be wearing a splint and a bandage on his left hand, was traveling on the motorbike..."

Luckily, this isn't the only reason that Tori finds herself in the news.

Despite going through emotional havoc when Dean McDermott admitted to cheating on her (and filming a reality show dedicated solely to his infidelity), Tori appears as happy as ever.

The reality star took to Twitter last week to brag about her Mother's Day. According to Us Magazine, Tori was able to spend the day with her favorite people, her children:

Tori Spelling shared a brand-new photo of her four kids on Monday, May 11, gushing about their wonderful Mother's Day together...'I had a beautiful time with my 4 babies for #MothersDay,' Spelling, 41, wrote on Instagram, alongside a pic of her surrounded by her smiling kids. The oldest of the quartet, Liam, 8, and Stella, 6, stand to Spelling's side and behind the youngest two McDermott kids Hattie, 3, and Finn, 2."

What do you think of the latest report? Was Tori irresponsible to let her child ride on a motorcycle? Is everyone too sensitive these days?

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