Prince George Alexander Louis Christening, Princess Kate Middleton Fashion and Royal Baby Baptism - Godparents Decision, Harry and Pippa Likely [UPDATE]

By Jonathan Lambert on Aug 05, 2013 10:32 AM EDT

In a few weeks, Prince George Alexander Louis will be having a christening ceremony. Today, we have learned more about the fashion choices of Princess Kate Middleton and the royal baby. Prior to the baptism, godparents must be decided, with Prince Harry and Kate’s sister Pippa being among the likely choices.

Unlike the royal birth, the christening is viewed as more of a private affair. At least, that’s how it has historically went. And, history is important to the royals. Which explains while George will be wearing an exact replica of a gown that has been used for the past 172 years.

The original gown has been worn by over 30 newborns, including George’s dad, Prince William, and his great-grandmother, the queen.

Back in 2004, however, the article was deemed too fragile to use. That’s when the Queen commissioned a replica of the clothing. According to the Christian Post, “The Queen ordered an exact replica by Liverpool designer Angela Kelly. And the original was preserved, as it's a priceless family heirloom." The publication went on to claim that, “Kate will probably wear a designer dress fit for a garden party or perhaps something more formal and William will wear a suit and tie.”

But, before they should plan what they’ll be wearing, the royal couple should be deciding who the godparents of their child are. Historically, this decision is made in advance of the baptism, and should include six different people. While we feel confident that the list will include Prince Harry and Pippa Middleton, you may also see that:

“Other potential godparents to Prince George, who has been nicknamed 'Georgie' by his parents include William's cousins Peter and Zara Phillips; his best friend from Ludgrove prep school and Eton, Thomas van Straubenzee; Middleton's best friend from Marlborough, Alicia Fox-Pitt; and the children of the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla.”

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