Vin Diesel’s ‘Fast and Furious 7’ Beats ‘Avengers’; Paul Walker Car Sold

By Shane Jordan on Jun 03, 2015 06:38 PM EDT

It is now become incredibly clear why Vin Diesel has been so quick to parlay the success of Fast and Furious 7 into a Fast 8 sequel. According to the latest gossip news updates, the Riddick produced action epic has officially enjoyed more success than any other movie not directed by James Cameron. Sometime earlier in the week, Paul Walker's last film with his Fast family grossed $1.516 billion -- surpassing recent blockbusters like Harry Patter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II and even the Avengers, which have each made $1.3 and $1.514 respectively. In related news, the car Walker drove at the end of the original Fast and Furious movie recently sold for a pretty penny itself -- going for an even $185K at Mecum Car Auction in Indianapolis last May.

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While Vin Diesel never ceased to tout Furious 7 as the greatest movie of the next 100 years, it seemed doubtful that Paul Walker's last film was poised to break very many box office records given the respectable -- but hardly completive -- $788K that the previous Fast flick made.

It turns out, however, that a CGI Paul Walker is almost as good as CGI'd blue aliens when it comes to putting butts in theaters seats the world over.

As of today, box office data experts at The Numbers are reporting that Furious 7 has surpassed all but James Cameron's Titanic and Avatar in money made at the worldwide box office -- taking in a grand total of $1,516,708,288 thus far.

After posting those kind of numbers, perhaps the new owner of Paul Walker's original Fast and Furious' '03 Supra sees the vehicle as more as an investment than a high-priced boy-toy.

According to The News Wheel, the flamboyant drop-top makes more sense as movie memorabilia than it does a racecar anyhow:

"The Supra has been sold off to the highest bidder for the low, low price of $185,000.

"Despite the fact that this Supra was portrayed as a 10-second car during the film...Under the hood, a 3.0-liter inline-six puts out a respectable but not mind-blowing 220 horsepower, meaning that this performance car is largely for show."

Now that it has become an undeniable cultural phenomenon the world over, there's no telling what Walker's ride from Furious 7 will one day sell for, but if the box office numbers are any indicator it will undoubtedly be in the millions.

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