Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds Update: 'Deadpool' Spoilers and App Mistakes?

By Jonathan Lambert on Jun 06, 2015 02:36 PM EDT

Time for another update in the lives of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, one of Hollywood's hottest couples. The adorable duo are experiencing a mixed news week. For Ryan, things are going great. Spoiler Alert: The Hollywood hunk recently announced that his upcoming film Deadpool has finally wrapped filming. Meanwhile, things aren't going quite so well for his gorgeous wife, Blake Lively. The actress recently revealed that she made a number of mistakes with her debut app.

Ryan Reynold's last few movies have bombed big at the box office, but the actor's upcoming film is likely to be a remarkable success. With all of the buzz surrounding Deadpool, the flick is sure to be box office gold.

Although the project may have taken longer than expected, Entertainment Weekly tells readers that Ryan Reynolds has wrapped filming:

"Good news, Deadpool fans: Ryan Reynolds has announced the Deadpool movie has wrapped filming, bringing it one step closer to the big screen...Now here's the bad news: Deadpool has finished filming, which means Ryan Reynolds will no longer be able to to capture amazing moments from set...Reynolds posted a picture of a carving he presumably left from a shoot location, commemorating the end of the shoot and forever immortalizing Deadpool's presence."

Of course, that's not the only reason that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively find themselves in the news this week.

Unfortunately, the news isn't so great for Blake, who launched a lifestyle website back in 2014. After a recent interview with Time, it has become evident that Preserve isn't living up to Blake's high standards (via E! Online):

"The things that keep me up are things I look at on the site and I know could be better. I knew this was supposed to be better. Time and money, time and money...We found ourselves at launch and we had a Vogue cover set up, so I couldn't call Anna Wintour and say 'I need six more months' -- people hacked into our site a week and a half before it was meant to launch, so the site leaked..."

Blake may not be totally satisfied with the app as of yet, but she is committed to overcome the difficulties. In fact, Lively would go on to say that she enjoys Preserve more than acting.

What do you think about the latest reports? Are you excited for Deadpool? Can Ryan overcome his current movie flop streak? Will Blake truly fix Preserve?

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