Caitlyn Jenner 'Vanity Fair' Cover Photos See Trans Support for Bruce, #CallMeCaitlyn

By Jonathan Lambert on Jun 07, 2015 01:43 PM EDT

Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce, nearly broke the internet this week, when she debuted as a woman for the first time on the cover of Vanity Fair. The gorgeous photos have seen an outpouring of support for not only Bruce, but the entire trans community. Celebrities and civilians alike have taken to using the hashtag, #CallMeCaitlyn to voice their support for the former Olympian.

In his final days living as a man, Bruce often expressed how tortured he has felt his entire life. But after debuting on the cover of Vanity Fair, the reality star said that he can finally be free.  

Not even Bruce Jenner, at his most optimistic, could have imaged the amount of love and support she would experience as Caitlyn Jenner.

Not only have celebrities worldwide taken to Twitter to support trans' most recognizable face, but Jenner's own family is behind their loving dad.

This is especially true for Brody Jenner. In a recent interview with People, Audrina Patridge tells readers that Brody Jenner loves and supports Caitlyn:

"When asked how Brody is doing with Caitlyn Jenner's recent transition, Partridge told PEOPLE. 'Brody loves his dad ... the public is one thing, but you don't listen to them, you live your life, who cares, people are going to judge and rip you to pieces regardless'...As to whether the experience has been positive for Brody and his relationship with Caitlyn, she said, 'It's very, very positive, but you do get the mean ones.'"

Caitlyn hasn't just generated a ton of buzz for her recent Vanity Fair photo shoot either.

Jenner, who will be starring in her own spin-off series, has been generating a ton of buzz from her new Twitter account.

USA Today tells readers of Bruce's latest post, where Caitlyn is seen standing in solidarity with other trans women:

"Jenner took to social media on Saturday to share the first candid photo of herself, and unlike her super-stylized Vanity Fair shoot, this one is casual and relaxed...'Learn from those who have walked the path before you. #TransIsBeautiful #LivingOurTruth #JustTheBeginning,' she wrote alongside the poolside photo of herself embracing her friends. She's clad in jeans, flat sandals and a flowy top, and we're sure this is just the beginning of what we can expect to see from Jenner."

While Caitlyn has received an overwhelming amount of support, she still has some dissenters. With Chris Brown and Snoop Dogg leading the pack, however, many of the critics have been marginalized/criticized in the media for their intolerance.

What do you think of the latest reports? Are you surprised that the Caitlyn Jenner cover and photos have received so much praise? Do you think Caitlyn, herself, was shocked? Are you going to watch her upcoming special?

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