Are Tom Cruise and John Travolta Gay? Facts About the Scientology Members’ Homosexual Rumors

By Jonathan Lambert on Aug 16, 2013 08:45 PM EDT

By now, everyone has heard the rumors that Tom Cruise and John Travolta are gay. But is this true? We have the facts about claims which suggest the high-profile Scientology members are homosexual.

Tom Cruise and John Travolta are totally not gay! And you can tell that because they were both willing to spend tons of money on making sure that you know exactly how not gay they are.

For example, Wikipedia has an entire subsection under the entry of “Tom Cruise,” entitled “Litigation.”

BTW, You have to be pretty litigious to get an entire section of your Wikipedia page dedicated to lawsuits you personally generated--Which is why we want to stress how totally NOT gay Tom Cruise is. Would someone who was gay spend a fortune on lawsuits preventing other people from claiming that he was a homosexual? Absolutely NOT!

And just so you’re really clear on this, be sure to check out the first paragraph in Tom Cruise’s “Litigation” section:

“During Cruise's marriage to Nicole Kidman, the couple endured public speculation about their sex life and rumors that Cruise was gay. In 1998, he successfully sued the Daily Express, a British tabloid which alleged that his marriage to Kidman was a sham designed to cover up his homosexuality. In May 2001 he filed a lawsuit against gay porn actor Chad Slater. Slater had allegedly told the celebrity magazine Actustar that he had had an affair with Cruise. Cruise denied this, and in August 2001, Slater was ordered to pay $10 million to Cruise in damages after Slater declared he could not afford to defend himself against the suit and would therefore default. Cruise also sued Bold Magazine publisher Michael Davis, who alleged but never confirmed that he had video that would prove Cruise was gay. The suit was dropped in exchange for a public statement by Davis that the video was not of Cruise, and that Cruise was heterosexual.”

In case you wondering about John Travolta...drumroll please...he, too, is totally NOT gay. In fact, his insurance spent $84,000 settling two claims that reported Travolta sexually harassed or assaulted two unnamed gentlemen, via GAWKER, that claims:

“Gawker has obtained an internal report of insurance claims made against Travolta's production company, Constellation Productions Inc., showing four other parties privately issued attorney demand letters "alleging sexual assault" within the last year, including the actor's longtime stunt double, his former driver, and a physical therapist. What's more is that Travolta's insurer paid out $84,500 against two of these six claims.”

You can see a picture of the insurance claim here.

Just to recap, these two guys who LOVE to sue people, that are Scientologists, who love to sue people EVEN MORE, are totally 100% straight. Can’t be more clear than that!

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