‘Today’ Show Host Matt Lauer Confronts NAACP’s Rachel Dolezal [CAST NEWS]

By Shane Jordan on Jun 17, 2015 10:17 PM EDT

If you were hoping to get some concrete answers from Rachel Dolezal during her recent interview with Matt Lauer on the Today show than you are in luck; unfortunately, however, those answers often seemed to contradict one another. Like HBO's Jinx, Robert Durst, the former NAACP seems to have no problem admitting the truth when confronted with indisputable evidence only to revert once again to resort to their prepared lies. 

Despite having already stepped down from her job at the NAACP, Rachel Dolezal, who was discovered to actually have been born of two white parents after masquerading for years as a black woman, recently joined Matt Lauer on the Today show to talk about her supposedly identifying from a very early age as a black (via Today):

"This goes back to a very early age with my self-identification with the black experience, as a very young child...I would say about 5-years-old."

Paradoxically, however, after arguing with Lauer about her age in a picture -- eventually settling on her being around 16 at the time-- in which Dolezal looked whiter than the girl on the Little Debbie box, she admitted that she wasn't actually identifying as being black until sometime much later:

"That's not in my early 20s...[I'm] 16 in that picture.

"I would say that visibly she would be identified as white by people who see her."

When Lauer pressed a little further about what could not be seen -- namely her claims about identifying as being black during her the age of 5 onwards -- Dolezal had no choice but to admit that she wasn't actually thinking that way at all even by that stage of her adolescence:

 "During that time, no, [I was not]."

Rachel's adopted brother, Ezra, explained to CNN that although her family was astonished about the lengths to which Dolezal was willing to take her deception, they chalked up her never ending nonsense to trying tosave face instead of true delusion:

"I think that she is just too nervous to just admit that she's not been telling the truth...which is why she keeps making up more and more lies to help fit the story as it goes.

"She was changing her story multiple times in the past week.

"Like originally she did say that she was born black, and yesterday she was mentioning about identifying herself as black...but originally she did say that she was born black."

While Ezra goes on to hit the nail square on the head by calling out his sister's shtick as "blackface", even more to the point her brother revealed that the first Rachel's black adopted sibling that she so identified with at an early age was not even born until she was already 15-years-old.

If Rachel Dolezal really doesn't think she's done anything wrong in convincing people that she was black, then why is shy apparently lying night and day like the Duggars to try to cover it up?

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