Jessica Simpson New Baby Weight Hard to Lose, Still Keeps Watchers Contract and Personal Trainer [UPDATE]

By Jonathan Lambert on Aug 19, 2013 09:24 PM EDT

Jessica Simpson appears to be struggling with weight, following the birth of her new baby. Still, the star has been able to hang on to her lucrative Weight Watchers contact. She’s hoping that with the help of a personal trainer, she’ll be able to get back in fighting shape.

Jessica Simpson is really busy these days. In addition to filming multiple projects, she is also a new mom (of two), running the most successful celebrity fashion brands and scored a really big deal with Weight Watchers.

Unfortunately, part of that contact consists on Jessica actually losing weight, something that she is currently struggling to do. A source, who clearly wished to remain nameless, told OK! Magazine that:

“She just feels really, really frustrated. It’s been extremely difficult this time around. She says her stomach is ‘goo’ and she isn’t sure if it’s ever going to be like it used to be. She just would rather play with her kids than work out. She really feels guilty whenever she leaves them.”

Jessica is committed to the goal and has hired some top notch pros, like Harley Pasternak. Harley is her former trainer who is credited for getting her back in shape.

Simpson doesn’t have much time either, as holiday ads will soon begin for Weight Watchers.
The source informs OK! Magazine that:

“Jessica’s deal with Weight Watchers is still in full force. She is expecting to hit the ground running in time for the holiday campaigns.”

Good luck, Jessica. We hope that you’re successful!

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