B2K Member Raz B Health Update: Off Life Support and Out of Coma After Bar Fight

By Jonathan Lambert on Aug 19, 2013 10:52 PM EDT

Raz B, former member of B2K, is off life support. In a health update, we dive into how the R&B singer found himself in a coma, after a bar fight went terribly awry.

Sources told TMZ that Raz B is off of life support and out of the coma which almost claimed his life. While he currently remains hospitalized, sources reveal that he is able to smile and sit up on his own.

Raz B found himself in a mess of trouble when he tried to break up a fight that erupted in a bar that Raz was performing at, in China. The singer tried breaking up the fight and wound up getting hit in the face with a glass bottle, hard.

When police arrived at the scene, they took both Raz and the guy who clocked him into the station for questioning. After getting all the details, police freed Raz and transported him to a local hospital.

B had to undergo minor surgery and was stitched up at the hospital and released. Everything seemed to be going great until Friday morning.

He was found unconscious the next morning by his back-up dancer, who rushed the 28-year-old singer to the hospital.

Raz was determined to be in a coma and was immediately put on life support. On Sunday, 48 hours after going on life support, he emerged from his coma.

The star is capable of breathing on his own, however, he is still going to be hospitalized for several more days. Doctors, we are told, need more time to evaluate the performer before releasing him.

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