Watch Helen Mirren Play Queen Elizabeth, Again, in "The Audience" as U.S. Cities Show Original West End Production

By K. Young on Jun 30, 2015 08:53 PM EDT

Finally, Classicalites, you can view the original West End production of Helen Mirren and her role as Queen Elizabeth II in The Audience when it is broadcast in select U.S. cities later this month.

The original production, captured in London in 2013, nabbed Helen Mirren a Tony Award, and allowed her to become the first actress to win both an Oscar and a Tony for portraying the same character, Queen Elizabeth II, in two different adaptations. Presented by National Theatre Live, Mirren is accompanied on stage by fellow Tony-winner Richard McCabe, who won Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in The Audience.

According to National Theatre, for the first time, movie-goers will be able to experience a live performance of The Audience as they catch a peek into the private life of Elizabeth II, as she is joined by each of her twelve Prime Minsters in a confidential weekly meeting known as The Audience. For 60 years, "these secret tête-à-têtes are held for the most sensitive of matters both public and personal. Through these private audiences, we are granted access to the poised woman behind the crown, and see the key moments in history that shaped her monarchy."

Most actors would probably shy away from performing such a high-profile role, but not the Dame Helen Mirren. According to her, via The Star, "I find this all positively amazing...I've had the incredible good luck of playing this remarkable woman twice now and, both times, I've been fortunate enough to have Peter Morgan as the author."

That is not to say that Mirren wasn't anxious about portraying such a widely-revered figure. Mirren quips, "I was absolutely terrified. I knew that everybody in England and all over the world has a great interest in Elizabeth Windsor. An almost obsessive love-hate relationship. No, not love-hate, because there's really no hatred there, but many of the British still can't get their heads around the concept of a royal family and they can't leave them alone, no matter what they do."

But all in all, and in the minds of the Academy and in the world of theater, Dame Helen Mirren can do no wrong--much like her character in real life--Her Majesty. Classicalites, do not miss the big-screen version of this West End Production of The Audience. For exact shows and viewings, of course, just click here.

Watch below for clips from the production of The Audience.

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