Is Gay Superstar Ellen DeGeneres Getting Divorced from Portia de Rossi? Jennifer Aniston Interviews Couple [RUMORS]

By Jonathan Lambert on Aug 22, 2013 12:38 PM EDT

Rumors have once again circulating that Ellen DeGeneres, gay superstar, and Portia de Rossi may be getting divorced. The rumors are totally false, according to an interview conducted by Jennifer Aniston back in May.

Claims that the couple are splitting are totally false, according to the A-list Hollywood couple. Rumors first began back in June, when the duo listed their luxury penthouse for sale.

Portia and Ellen are splitting from each other, just their Beverly Hills penthouse, which the couple purchased back in 2010. At the time, they paid around $800,000 for the property and are looking to make close to $100,000 on the sale.

Just because they are moving out of the Hills, doesn’t mean they are downsizing their luxurious lifestyle. In fact, just the opposite--as the totally in love couple will be seriously upgrading their living quarters.

Ellen and Portia’s new property is nestled in the heart of Santa Barbara and is actually classified as a mansion.

The property, which is listed online, is over 10,000 square feet. That’s pretty impressive, but the fact that it sits on 13+ acres of prime real estate is mind blowing, complete with ocean views.

The six bedroom, six bathroom locale features nine different fireplaces. The cost of the property is nearly $27 million.

The Hollywood couple seems to be living the dream. At least, that’s how it comes off in an interview recently given by Jennifer Aniston.

Jenn sat down with Ellen and Portia, when Anniston co-hosted The Ellen Show, and asked the adorable couple about their relationship. One of the cutest exchanges came when Jenn asked:

"You guys are so good to each other. But let's get serious, [Portia], what bugs you about Ellen?"
Portia responded:

“There is one tiny thing...I love cooking and I love preparing food...I try to make it kind of romantic. But every single night, just as I serve her dinner, just as I put it in front of her, she gets up and feeds the cats."

"I rush and feed them, but sometimes they want choice. So I put two different kinds, because they're hungry,” explained Ellen.

Turns out, it was Jenn who was the most annoyed with their actions, jokingly chastising the couple for moving so much. She told the pair:

"I get attached to the home you're in and then you leave it. So I feel like I'm affected too. Do you know how heartbroken I was when you sold that beautiful house to Ryan Seacrest?"

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