Pregnant Kim Kardashian Feud: Beyonce Jealous of Baby Bump After Divorce Rumors?

By Jonathan Lambert on Jun 27, 2015 11:13 AM EDT

According to a new report, Kim Kardashian, who is pregnant with her second child, may be in another feud with Beyonce Knowles. This time, the rumor mill is claiming that Queen B is jealous of Kim's growing baby bump and wants to become pregnant for a second time as well. These latest pregnancy rumors follow months of allegations that Beyonce would be divorcing husband Jay Z, after video footage emerged of her sister brutally attacking Jay Z in a Met elevator.

Beyonce is great at almost everything she does. Bey can act, sing, dance, market, etc...

But one thing she might not be so great at is getting pregnant for a second time with husband Jay Z. There have been reports for some time now that the couple were hoping to have a second child to no avail.

And according to one source who spoke with Hollywood Life, Beyonce has actually sought out Kim Kardashian for pregnancy advice. The same alleged insider went on to claim that Beyoncé is actually jealous of the fact that Kim got pregnant first:

"She's even talked to Kim about the difficult process of having a baby and different alternatives like IFV, surrogacy and even adoption...In the end, Beyonce thinks it will happen and she will soon have another little baby to love...Beyonce is actually jealous that Kim got pregnant and she hasn't. She's happy for Kim but also a little envious...Unfortunately Bey and Jay have struggled to get pregnant this time around. They are seeing their doctor and doing everything they can to have a baby."

Of course, not everyone agrees.

Rumor busting website Gossip Cop claims that the entire article is totally fabricated. According to the publication, Beyonce isn't begging anyone:

"Beyonce is not 'begging' Kim Kardashian for advice about getting pregnant again, despite a completely made-up story by a site that has been repeatedly proven wrong. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this fabrication. We're told it's 'crazy' and 'not true'...So, is any of the webloid's story true? In a word, NO. Of course, the disreputable site has a rich history of making up stories about Kardashian and Beyonce."

What do you think of the latest reports? Is there any truth to rumors that Beyonce is struggling to become pregnant? Do you think she could possibly be jealous of Kim Kardashian's baby bump?

We want to hear from you. Tell us your thoughts in the comment field below.

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