Jennifer Aniston Ends Cheating Justin Theroux Engagement and Wedding, Talks Skincare?

By Jonathan Lambert on Jun 27, 2015 12:24 PM EDT

According to a new tabloid report, Jennifer Aniston has called off her engagement to longtime fiancé Justin Theroux. The gossip rag claims that Jennifer has canceled her wedding to the hunky actor, after she caught Theroux cheating with another woman. As usual, however, the tabloids have gotten it all wrong. Back in reality, however, Jennifer recently revealed some of her top skincare secrets to us normal folks.

In case you missed the cover of this week's Star Magazine, the laughable publication is once again predicting the demise of Jen and Justin's relationship.

This time, it's reportedly Jennifer who wants out of the relationship. But, according to the publication, Jen is blaming herself because she always "knew he'd break her heart."

But, like the dozens of covers that have predicted this in the past, the story is totally false. Rumor busting website Gossip Cop tells readers that Jen has no plans of leaving Justin, and the whole "secret girlfriend" thing is absurd:

"For the record, Gossip Cop has been assured by multiple sources that Theroux does not have a "secret girlfriend." Of course, all of this is coming from the same magazine that Gossip Cop recently busted for wrongly claiming Aniston is pregnant...Not surprisingly, once again Star has been caught manufacturing a false story about Aniston and Theroux. Of the magazine's report about her confronting Theroux's (non-existent) 'secret girlfriend,' her rep tells Gossip Cop exclusively, 'No such thing has ever happened.'"

Of course, this load of nonsense isn't the only reason that Jennifer finds herself in the news this week.

The gorgeous and talented actress recently sat down with Marie Claire, where she gushed about her love of Aveeno products. When asked by the publication what her favorite skincare product is, Jennifer dished that it was her Daily Moisturizing Lotion:

"The product I've been using for years and years and I just love is Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion. I send it to everyone I know - like my manicurists who love it for massage and for feet -- it's absolutely fabulous. It's so hydrating and helps my skin feel soft all day. Sometimes I use a lotion and my skin ends up feeling dry in an hours' time."

What do you think of the latest report? Is there any truth to Justin and Jen breaking up? Has Aniston already called off the wedding?

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