Jennifer Lawrence Breakup: Chris Martin Dating Other Woman, Buying House Together?

By Jonathan Lambert on Jun 27, 2015 12:51 PM EDT

The tabloids just can't make up their minds when it comes to Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence, especially when it comes to her dating rumored boyfriend Chris Martin. A major U.S. tabloid is claiming that the couple have grown so close that they are going to buy a house together. Meanwhile, Martin was recently spotted getting cozy with another woman, leading many to suggest that Chris and Jennifer underwent a breakup.

Although neither Chris Martin nor Jennifer Lawrence have publicly addressed the nature of their relationship, it's safe to say that the two have grown quite close.

From late night dinners, to Lawrence appearing back stage at a number of Coldplay gigs, the celebs have repeatedly been linked in the press.

And now a new tabloid report suggests that the two could be looking for a NYC apartment together. While the tabloid did little to offer up support for their absurd claims, it is true that Jen is on the hunt for some New York real estate.

E! Online tells readers that Lawrence hasn't picked out the perfect pad yet, but the publication seemed more concern with Jen's missing body guard than any property she is surveying:

"The Oscar winner has been spotted out and about in the Big Apple for the past month apartment hunting, but there's something a little more alarming about this particular star sighting that's got all of us anxiously asking, 'Where is Jennifer's bodyguard?!'...Exploring Tribeca on Friday, a sunglass-clad J.Law...[was] sadly missing both of the 24-year-old's super hunky security deals that have stolen our hearts."

Of course, house hunting isn't the only reason that Lawrence finds herself in the news this week, and it has a little something to do with rumored boyfriend Chris Martin.

The Coldplay lead singer was recently spotted on a late night walk with the gorgeous Kylie Minogue, giving way to rumors that Chris and Jen may have split up, as Daily Mail tells readers:

"There is a certain romantic magic about a late night stroll in the summer rain. Arm-in-arm, heads tilted together, Coldplay's Chris Martin and Kylie Minogue certainly made a sweet couple as they ambled through London this week...Well past midnight on Sunday they walked and walked and walked; past Parliament, past Buckingham Palace and turned into St James's Park where they were lost from sight. One onlooker said: 'They were in their own little world...oblivious to anyone around them.'"

What do you think of the latest rumors? Are Jen and Chris still dating? Did the pair part ways?

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