Engaged Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis Pregnant, Following 'Ted 2' Absence?

By Jonathan Lambert on Jun 27, 2015 01:27 PM EDT

Rumors are once again flying that Ashton Kutcher and his gorgeous fiancé, Mila Kunis, are pregnant and expecting baby bump number two. Meanwhile, back in reality, everyone is buzzing that Mila Kunis did not appear in Ted 2. Although a number of sensational reports have claimed that Mila had a falling out with Seth MacFarlane, the real reason was made clear when Seth appeared on The Howard Stern Show this week.

When it comes to Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, the tabloids are absolutely obsessed with when, if ever, the couple will have more children.

Now a new report suggests that the two are looking forward to having more children and may be making a move fast. However, Hollywood Life tells readers that Ashton and Mila may take a break before having more kids:

"Mila Kunis, 31, is a new mom to an adorable baby girl, but another baby may be on the way! has EXCLUSIVELY learned details on Mila and Ashton Kutcher's, 37, plan for baby number two...[a source said,] 'A second child will happen. It's definitely in their future, but Mila wants to get a few more films under her belt before baby number two arrives...The earliest they are thinking is late next year. It's going to be a little bit before it happens.'"

Of course, that's not the only reason that Mila finds herself in the news.

The media has made a big deal about Kunis not appearing in Ted 2, especially considering the major role she played in the first film. A number of publications have accused Mila of being at war with Seth MacFarlane, however, Seth let the real reason be known during his appearance on Howard Stern this week.

And, as Bustle tells readers, it was simply Seth's creative decisions that led to Mila not appearing in the film:

"...the decision for Kunis not to return, it seems, has nothing to do with any drama, but rather, simply a creative decision made by MacFarlane. According to Deadline, MacFarlane chose not to focus the plot of Ted 2 on John's (Mark Wahlberg) relationship with Lori (Kunis), but instead have the movie revolve around the antics of Ted (MacFarlane) and his new wife, Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth). There's still a main female lead in the movie, a lawyer played by Amanda Seyfried, but Kunis' character does not have a presence."

What do you think of the latest reports? Is there any truth to claims that Mila and Ashton may be planning a second pregnancy?

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