Howard Stern Quits 'AGT,' Did Simon Cowell Fire Radio Host After Sony Hack?

By Jonathan Lambert on Jun 28, 2015 01:13 PM EDT

Brace yourself, Stern fans. It looks like the King of All Media, legendary radio broadcaster Howard Stern, will not be returning to the set of America's Got Talent after this season. The most listened to broadcaster at SiriusXM (and really, in all of radio) just quit the hit NBC show. Now, the internet is abuzz with rumors that Simon Cowell may have fired Stern, especially after a leaked Sony email revealed that Simon wanted to take the King's spot on the judging panel of AGT.

It's official, Howard Stern will not be returning for the 2016 season of NBC's hit summer program America's Got Talent.

Stern will, however, finish out the 2015 season.

In Howard's typical fashion, he made the announcement on his hit morning talk show with Sirius XM, another company the media giant may soon part ways.

After four years of being America's Judge, Fox News tells readers that Howard is walking away from AGT:

"Could Howard Stern be leaving America's Got Talent? According to him, yes...Stern revealed on his radio show Wednesday that he would be leaving the NBC competition show after the current season, which wraps at the end of the summer. 'I told them, this is my last season,' he said. 'I am going through my own career evaluation right now. I'm just too f---ing busy.'"

Later, Stern would hint that he has another creative project in the works, delighting fans of the shock jock.

Of course, Stern's words weren't enough for conspiracy theorists who believe that Simon Cowell forced Howard off the show, despite Stern being a huge ratings draw.

It's easy to see how people can draw this conclusion, especially after a leaked Sony email suggested Simon Cowell wanted to take Howard's seat on the judging panel.

This, too, New York Daily News tells readers that Stern didn't shy away from addressing the leaked email on his radio show:

"Insiders say an effort by Simon Cowell to take Howard Stern's judge spot was rebuffed by NBC...It must come as a shock to Simon Cowell that NBC thinks Howard Stern is more valuable. After it was revealed that the Cowell lobbied NBC to dump Stern from America's Got Talent and hire him instead...the network snubbed the British TV mogul, even though...Cowell owns part of the show. That fact wasn't lost on Stern, who dwelled on the subject at length during his SiriusXM show..."

What do you think of the latest reports? Were you shocked to learn that Stern will be saying goodbye to NBC one more time?

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