Rob Kardashian Drug and Drinking Abuse to Blame for Weight Gain? Kim Says Yes

By Jonathan Lambert on Jul 06, 2015 10:32 AM EDT

In case you've been living under a rock for the past few days, Kim Kardashian granted a tell-all interview to Rolling Stone. During the course of the Q&A, Kim claimed that Rob's weight gain wasn't due to overeating alone. According to Kim, Rob packed on the pounds by using drugs and drinking too much alcohol. Just when the two appeared to be getting along for the first time in years, Kim's high-profile magazine interview is sure to destroy any inroads the two may have made towards peace.

It's no secret that Rob Kardashian has been struggling with his weight for quite some time now.

In fact, the popular Keeping Up with the Kardashians star admitted as much to the E! cameras on his family's hit show two years ago, when he revealed that he was suffering from depression and no longer wanted to appear before the cameras.

Kim decided to clear the air when she sat down with Rolling Stone, declaring that it's no mystery what's going on with Rob. He simply doesn't want to be recorded when he's so overweight:

"It's not that mysterious, what's happening with Rob...He has gained weight. He feels uncomfortable being on the show, and that's OK. Do I think he smokes weed, drinks beer, hangs out and plays video games with his friends all day long? Yes."

Of course, this isn't the first report to suggest that Rob Kardashian may be struggling with alcohol and drug abuse.

For years now, the tabloids have insisted that Kris Jenner and family have tried persuading Rob to enter rehab and have even scheduled a number of interventions.

Although the reports were never substantiated, some relatively damaging photos of the only male Kardashian surfaced last year.

Last Summer, TMZ posted photos of Rob drinking what appears to be Sizzurp and smoking weed. According to the publication, Rob, at least at the time, had a very bad drug habit:

"Rob Kardashian's family wants Rob to get help for what they say is a very bad drug problem...sources directly connected with the family tell TMZ...Our sources say the family is well aware of what has been going on with Rob, depicted by these photos during a drug-fueled party a few days ago...You can see Rob holding a double cup...the container of choice for Sizzurp. The cup on the table actually has the words, 'Codeine Boys' emblazoned on it. He's also seen smoking weed."

What do you think of the latest reports? Does Rob Kardashian really need rehab? Are drugs and alcohol to blame for his weight gain?

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