Rush Limbaugh Talks Donald Trump, Illegal Immigration and Planned Parenthood Abortion Sting

By James Knight on Jul 22, 2015 09:12 PM EDT

Like him or not, Donald Trump is arguably the most talked man in America, if not the world. The Don’s Presidential campaign and unique style have captured the attention of every major news outlet. Now, radio giant Rush Limbaugh is speaking out about Trump, and how he could bring attention to Planned Parenthood abortion scandal, the same way he did illegal immigration.

Without giving him a clear endorsement, Rush Limbaugh spoke about the merits of Trump being a sounding board for issues like Immigration and abortion, telling his listeners (via

“I think he really does care about the country, and I think like a lot of people, he is really, really worried about what's happening to it. What I hope is that if Trump is serious about this, look at what he was able to do with the immigration issue.

“When that whole thing started, he was the issue. What he was saying about Mexicans -- and what he was saying about the type of people immigrating, what he was saying about our government permitting all that to happen -- he was the issue. Everybody was talking about a reprobate he was.

"Everybody was talking about how impolitic he was, how crude, how extremist. And then Kate Steinle was murdered in a sanctuary city, San Francisco, and all of a sudden the issue became the issue. Well, what if Trump decided to pick up this Planned Parenthood thing?"

What do you think about Limbaugh’s comments? Would you vote for Donald Trump? What issues would you like to see Trump tackle next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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