Clint Eastwood and DIna Ruiz 2013 Divorce Update: Children in Reality Show to Blame for Split [RUMORS]

By Jonathan Lambert on Sep 03, 2013 01:15 PM EDT

There is yet another update in the divorce of Clint Eastwood and Dina Ruiz. Their 2013 split may be a result of the reality show that focused on Dina’s life. Allegedly, Clint was not a fan of including his daughters in the program. Some publications have blamed those actions on the couple’s break up. But is this true or is it just more tabloid rumors?

Clint Eastwood and Dina Ruiz have officially announced that they are getting a divorce. This came as a surprise for many, considering the couple has been married for over 17 years.

Of course, not everyone was shocked to see the couple split. After all, they haven’t been photographed together since 2011, and Clint hasn’t been living at their home since November of last year.

According to the Daily Express, it may be because Clint is losing touch with reality. Everyone remembers Clint’s confusing (and ultimately sad) chat with an invisible Barack Obama, and a source is claiming that is just the tip of the iceberg:

“Clint has always been a decisive, commanding figure in charge of his own destiny. But today he seems more uncertain, more unsure of himself than ever. He's not the man he used to be."

The publication also alleges that Eastwood objected to appearing in the reality show that featured his wife. Their relationship became even more stressed when his children were focuses of the program, as the source revealed:

"He was deeply embarrassed that Dina was dragging his private life into a reality TV show and they started fighting over it. Clint insisted, ‘I have nothing to do with that. I'm not a reality TV kind of guy.’"

This really bothered Dina, who couldn’t understand his husband’s objections. She did, however, remain diplomatic when speaking about his noticeable absence from the program. Dina informed fans that:

“There have been many episodes I wanted him to appear in but he wouldn't participate. [Protecting Clint] made shooting not as much fun for me as for everyone else".

What do you think about these latest revelations? Did Clint call it quits after the reality show or is that just one of many reasons he left his wife of 17 years? Let us know in the comment field below.

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