‘N Sync Reunion Canceled Over Joey Fatone Divorce? Break Up Rumors False, Says 'DWTS' Singer [UPDATE]

By Jonathan Lambert on Sep 04, 2013 01:16 PM EDT

After a successful one-night reunion of ‘N Sync, it appears that Joey Fatone may be canceling his marriage and is heading for a divorce. Fatone, who regained popularity by appearing on DWTS, claims that the break up rumors are false.

Rumors are flying that Joey Fatone and his wife of nine years, Kelly Baldwin, could be calling it quits. According to multiple tabloid reports, their split follows Joey being unfaithful.

One of the biggest critics of Fatone has to be Star Magazine. The tabloid recently published an article accusing Joey of having multiple affairs. According to their source, the relationship is all but over:

“They’ve kept it quiet for the kids, They pretend Joey is traveling for work, but really he just stays with friends.”

The couple, who has been dating since high school, have two children who they need to protect. Their oldest daughter is Briahna (12) and Kloey, who is just 3-years-old.

In an ironic twist, Fatone’s Dancing With the Stars appearances have lead to most of this speculation. Unfortunately, it is also the vehicle which allowed Joey to step back into the spotlight (sort of). A source further alleges that:

“People on the show were buzzing about Joey cheating. It caused huge problems between him and Kelly. She battled infidelity rumors for years but thought those days were behind them since N Sync disbanded.”

Since these rumors, however, Fatone has gone on the defense. He told Omg! Inside:

"We're still married…the kids are great. I'm deeply upset about [the rumors]. We're fine...When you're on top, people try to knock you down. Things start to get above, 'Let's make something up, let's screw with the media, let's throw things out there,' you know? And that's how it kind of went down.”

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