Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'Hamilton' Astounds Critics Yet Alienates Tony Voters

By Ian Holubiak on Aug 05, 2015 07:49 PM EDT
Lin-Manuel Miranda's 'Hamilton' Astounds Critics Yet Alienates Tony Voters Left to right: Alicia Silverstone, Billy Crystal, Gayle King, Questlove, Alex Trebek and Whoopi Goldberg pose with Lin-Manuel Miranda and the cast backstage at the hit musical 'Hamilton' on Broadway at the Richard Rogers Theater on July 28, 2015 in New York City. (Photo : Bruce Gilkas/Getty Images)

Having started strong right out of the gate, the Broadway sensation Hamilton astounds critics and even the President of the United States. However, the show has become a serious nuisance in the view of Tony voters and behavior of the show's producers is alienating the very voters they need to win.

The new production is a story of American history but with an added pop sensibility, meaning it takes on a different hue than any history class you've ever taken.

The author of the book and star of the show, Lin-Manuel Miranda, brings a unique story back to popular culture. On stage, our founding fathers swear, cheat on their wives and make references to rappers Notorious B.I.G. and LL Cool J.

Not everyone is thrilled with the production, particularly Tony voters who feel that the show's producers are growing arrogant over their chances at winning a statue.

As per The New York Post, a letter went out announcing that the only tickets available for voters are for shows on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from Aug. 10 to Sept. 2.  In August, most of the voters are out of town on vacation.

A veteran press agent summed up the logic accordingly, "I can understand the impulse - they'll be among the top three moneymakers, and that always looks good - but a rule of thumb in this business is, don't alienate Tony voters. You don't want to look high and mighty."

For other shows in the past, their accommodations for Tony voters were much more favorable. Particularly the people behind The Producers, who even gave agents added house seats for their guests.

Perhaps the production is a shoe-in for the Tony awards but is it worth the bad press on the voters' end? Only time will tell.

Regardless, here's a clip from the show below.

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