Five Quickies: New York City Opera on Kickstarter, Philip Clark on Bernstein's Elgar, John Cage's 10 Rules for Dancing, 10 Best Jazz Pianists, Tupac Shakur Musical

By Logan K. Young on Sep 09, 2013 05:29 AM EDT

News gets made fresh everyday.

And with the world's best musicians, singers, dancers and actors going back to repertory work after their summer stocks, there's more good news happening now than there was, say, back in August.

So, in an effort to keep all you Classicalites abreast of each and every situation, we'll be trawling the web for the best headlines--those stories, those people making the biggest waves.

Here, then, is today's news:

New York City Opera May Cancel Most of This Season [New York Times]

Bernstein's Enigmatic Elgar [Sinfini Music]

John Cage's 10 Rules for Teachers and Students at Merce Cunningham's Studio [Frieze/Twitter]

The 10 Best Jazz Pianists of All Time [Denver Westword]

Tupac Musical Holler If You Hear Me Gathering Steam, Now Just Looking for a Theatre [FACT]

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