‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Robertson Family Tree: Season 4 Duck Call Cast and Friends Featured on Episodes

By Jonathan Lambert on Sep 09, 2013 06:23 PM EDT

If you’re new to the hit-show Duck Dynasty, you may have some questions regarding the Robertson clan. We’ll help explain their family tree, which was made famous by their high quality duck calls. Don’t worry, we’ve included the entire cast and friends of the family that are featured on the episodes of Season 4.

When A&E decided to film Duck Dynasty, even they couldn’t have known the success the show would have. The premiere episode of Season 4 was the highest rated non-scripted show in cable TV history.

The show wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the Robertson’s successful family business, Duck Commander. Long before there was a show, the family was known for producing superior duck calls.

Since then, however, they have expanded the brand to include other hunting products and gear, under their Buck Commander line. Despite an increased number of products, their duck calls remain the most popular items.

The family business was started by Phil Robertson. Phil married his wife, Miss Kay, and they have four children. Phil’s brother is the loveable Si, who appears to be crazier than he might actually be.

Phil and Kay have four children who they love equally, however, one of them appears to have contributed the most to the family business. Their son Willie, who is the focus of the show, turned their successful business into a multi-million dollar industry.

Willie is married to Korie, with whom he has raised (and fostered) five children: Rebecca, John Luke, Will, Sadie and Bella.

Willie also has three brothers: Alan, Jase and Jep. Of the entire Robertson clan, Alan is the only adult male who does not have an overgrown beard, which is a signature of the clan.

Jase is married to a lovely woman named Missy, with whom he has three children--Reed, Cole and Mia. Jep, another brother, has married the stunning Jessica. Together they raise their four children, Lily, Merritt, Priscilla and River.

Other characters include Mountain Man (a local well...mountain man), John Godwin and Justin Martin (both employees) and Squirrel (the owner of an area junkyard).

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