Reba McEntire Furious Kelly Clarkson Canceled Wedding to Brandon Blackstock, Causes Feud? [RUMORS]

By Jonathan Lambert on Sep 11, 2013 03:42 PM EDT

According to the tabloids, Reba McEntire is furious with Kelly Clarkson. The rumors began surfacing almost immediately after Clarkson decided to cancel her wedding plans to McEntire’s stepson Brandon Blackstock. The article, which is unlikely true, claims that a family feud is brewing.

If you believe National Examiner (and we’re not sure how you could), then you are likely aware of this week’s cover story. The gossip rag claims that “Reba is furious after Kelly calls off wedding to son.”

Even the title is misleading. Kelly only called off the big wedding ceremony and still plans on marrying Brandon, just in a smaller ceremony.

Eventually, the wedding plans just got the best of Kelly, who admits that she was overwhelmed. In a recent interview with People Magazine, the singer revealed:

"We just got so overwhelmed by it--all the decisions. I have a Christmas record coming out. I'm doing a bunch of stuff with State Farm right now. We have two kids who just started school. We're going to all these football games and soccer games and volleyball games and [Brandon]'s got one of the biggest artists [Blake Shelton] in country music. He's flying everywhere."

The Examiner is claiming that Reba was blown away by the decision. McEntire, it is claimed, tried to convince Kelly otherwise. A source (who probably doesn’t even exist) told the tab:

“Reba told Kelly she knows wedding plans can get overwhelming, but she’s shortchanging both herself and her family by not making their wedding a big day for everyone. To Reba, Kelly is cheating everyone out of a special event they can all share in.”

These are not Clarkson’s sentiments, as she expressed in an earlier interview that:

"Our whole life is a celebration. That's what we kept laughing about. We don't need another day where we throw a big party. Our lives are so in the spotlight all the time. Everything is such a spectacle, we were like, 'We would rather have an intimate moment that's special.'”

What do you think about the recent claims? Is there any truth to these rumors or like most tabloid stories, are they just lies? Let us know your thoughts in the comment field below.

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