‘Gossip Girl’ Kelly Rutherford Attacks Child Custody Judge? [NEWS]

By Shane Jordan on Aug 23, 2015 07:16 PM EDT

Despite her ostensibly kidnapping her own children, Kelly Rutherford seems to hold the judge that decided to uphold the law and send her kids back to live with the father in Monaco personally responsible for whatever might happen to them in the future. According to the latest gossip news updates, the Gossip Girl actress and her lawyer are still determined to fight for custody of both her son and daughter in international court. Word has it that Rutherford plans to travel to Monaco to confront her German ex-husband, Daniel Giersch, about his agreement not to get foreign courts involved in their custody dispute in the first place.

While some folks have pointed out that she left the court with very little choice after failing to return her children to their father in Monaco per their legal arrangement, Kelly Rutherford holdd one women in particular personally responsible for whatever happens to her children in the future.

The Gossip Girl actress explains in the August 31, issue of Star magazine, that the judge must be just a morally corrupt as her ex-husband, if she can't see that little Hermes, 8, and Helena, 6, belong with their mother:

"What the judge did...was shocking, illegal and abusive to my children.

"She has to live with herself, and if she has a conscience, she will not sleep well again ever."

Things may seem pretty cut and dry in Rutherford's mind, but New York-based international custody attorney, Rong Kohtz, told Star that what Kelly did was sort of tantamount to kidnapping:

"Kelly is going to have less time [with her children] because she disobeyed the court order.

"Strictly speaking, she engaged in parental abduction."

Parental abduction or not -- Rutherford's lawyer, Wendy Murphy, explained to People that in their opinion it's her ex-husband, Daniel Giersch, who broke the oringanl agreement he made with the American court -- not Kelly:

 "The father agreed emphatically in a California courtroom in 2012 that he would 'never' take any action in any foreign court, including specifically Monaco, France and Germany, where he would claim that the children are, or ask that they be declared, habitual residents of those countries or any other country.

"Remember, the children are not citizens of Monaco. Neither is either parent.

"So why would Monaco want to restrain the children from living in their own country? Monaco has no interest in the children, and we will be showing the Monaco judge the father's agreement to 'never' claim that the children ARE residents of Monaco, or should be declared residents of Monaco."

What do you think about Kelly Rutherford's recent custody crisis?

Should the Gossip Girl learn to play by the rules herself before she starts calling out her ex for international technicalities?

Or, is Rutherford right in breaking every law she has to in order to get primary custody of their children?

Let us hear from you in the comment field below.

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