Tiger Woods Cheating Scandal: Lindsey Vonn Did NOT Sleep Around on Golfer [RUMORS]

By Jonathan Lambert on Sep 12, 2013 01:57 PM EDT

Tiger Woods may have found himself in the midst of yet another cheating scandal. This time, however, he may actually be the victim. His girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn, is claiming that the rumors are false and that she did not sleep around on the professional golfer.

Most people aren’t surprised to see Tiger Woods and “cheating” in the same sentence. They may be shocked, however, to learn that Woods was the one who got cheated on.

These latest rumors began when National Enquirer reported, if you can call what they do reporting (and you can’t), that his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn was seeing another man. The claims stemmed from a Jay-Z concert she attended back in August.

According to the publication, Vonn was spotted kissing an older man. A “source” revealed to the tabloid:

"After the concert was over, Lindsey and a group of female friends, carrying drinks, made their way backstage, and Lindsey spotted a guy she very obviously knew well. She threw herself into his arms and they started on a long session of deep kissing that went on for several minutes."

Naturally, Lindsey Vonn refutes their ridiculous claim. In a statement to NY Daily News, a representative for the 28-year-old woman said, “There is not an ounce of truth in this clearly made up story.”

In fact, Vonn can’t seem to stop talking about her relationship with Woods. The pair first announced their romance back in March. When speaking to Vogue about their relationship, she said:

“We immediately clicked, you know? It was just one of those things. We talked a lot, corresponded a lot, and he was a good friend who was always there. And then it became more. It’s amazing. Life changes very quickly, in a very positive way, if you let it. I am a little bit of a late bloomer. I’m delayed. Having a delayed reaction here! But I figured it out.”

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