Tim McGraw and Faith Hill 2013 Divorce: Gay Rumors, Cheating Taylor Swift and Splitting From Real Estate? [RECAP]

By Jonathan Lambert on Sep 15, 2013 05:33 PM EDT

A lot of claims have been made that Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are getting a divorce in 2013. These ludicrous allegations stem from a tabloid article that blamed Tim McGraw for being gay AND cheating on his wife with Taylor Swift. While these rumors are ridiculous, the country couple does find themselves splitting from some major real estate they own.

National Enquirer, a publication that is in no way concerned with being accurate, were the first to make claims that Tim and Faith’s marriage was in trouble. They first claimed that McGraw had been unfaithful and slept with Taylor Swift.

While these rumors were improbable, they were nowhere near as ridiculous as when the Enquirer claimed that Tim was gay, citing a former bandmate.

"Tim dared his drummer Billy Mason to run across the stage in front of thousands of screaming fans wearing bottomless leather chaps that exposed his butt. As Billy did it, Tim reached down and smacked him on his bare backside as a joke--and the nearly sold-out crowd roared with laughter!"

The “insider” was concerned with appearing homophobic (even though the entire article is devoted to gay bashing) and wanted to reiterate that:

“Tim has a huge gay fan base and, actually, he's proud of that. But he doesn't want someone on a smear campaign casting aspersions about him that just aren't true."

While the couple isn't planning on splitting, they are planning on divorcing themselves from some pretty pricey

The property is listed on Zillow and Even with the huge price tag, the listing claims that the Antebellum home needs some fixing up. The Moen Group offers the following description of the property:

Fast Facts: Faith Hill & Tim McGraw $20 Million Estate

Residences: The estate includes four separate houses and an 1,188 sq. ft. caretaker’sapartment above the barn.

Antebellum House: This house features a dramatic columned-entry, soaring beamed ceilings and natural rock walls. The listing does note the Antebellum House needs restoration.

Log Cabin: With 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and all the best farm-charm money can buy, the 3,330 square foot log cabin perfectly fits into the estate’s peaceful, pastoral setting.

Notes on the Country Compound: The property’s other homes are found spread out over the grounds. An interesting item of note…Hank Williams, Sr., once owned the Antebellum-style house. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw reportedly purchased it, along with its 400 acres, in 2001.

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