Wendy Williams Slams Drake Dating Serena Williams; Kim Kardashian Twitter

By Shane Jordan on Sep 05, 2015 09:18 PM EDT

Apparently, Wendy Williams has heard all about Serena Williams' supposedly dating Canadian rapper, Drake, and she thinks it's an awful idea. According to BET's daytime talk show host, Drake might be nice for a fling, but he just isn't boyfriend material. Wendy also felt the need to explain Kim Kardashian's having bested Beyoncé in social media fans by claiming Jay-Z's wife didn't stooping so low as to buy Instagram and Twitter followers -- unlife the Keeping Up with the Kardashians cast member. Despite Ariana Grande's devotees calling for her show to be canceled, Wendy doesn't seem to have any intention of changing her wig wearing ways -- noting that "Bang Bang" fans were wasting their time.

Although Drake has never done anything to her personally, Wendy Williams is trying to convince Serena Williams that she should dump the Canadian hip-hop superstar.

In her latest September 14, contribution to Life & Style magazine, Williams explains that Drake really can't be trusted to behave given his playboy past:

"Rapper Drake and tennis champ Serena Williams have been packing on the PDA in public, but I'm worried Serena is choosing the wrong guy.

"Drake is younger than she is [he's 28, She's 33] and a bit of a ladies man. If I were her, I'd consider Drake a snack instead of the main course.

"Move on before you get hurt, girl!"

It seems that in addition to making sure that Drake doesn't break Serena's heart, Wendy wants to make sure she sticks up for Beyoncé's very respectable social media presence as well.

Sure, Wendy knows that even reality stars like Kim Kardashian have more followers here and there, but Williams also knows they didn't truly earn them either:

 "Kim Kardashian has more Instagram followers than Beyoncé because there's this little secret called buying them.

"Take away the one's she's bought, and I'll bet Beyoncé comes out on top."

Speaking of putting people in their proper place, Wendy didn't seem at all bothered by Ariana Grande's fans trying to have her show pulled off the air with their little "#CancelWendyWilliams".

When asked by TMZ what she thought of Ariana's donut licking compatriots trying to bring her highly successful show down, she explained that it wasn't going to do them any good:

"Our seventh season returns on September 14, so for right now, they are wasting their breathe...Their kids."

What do you think about Wendy's advice to Serena?

Should the popular tennis star get out of there before Drake breaks her heart?

Or, should Wendy give Drake the benefit of the doubt on this one?

Let us know in the comment field below.

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