Howard Stern Feuds With Bill Maher and Dr. Phil, Calls McGraw ‘Bloodsucker’

By Jonathan Lambert on Sep 16, 2013 01:28 PM EDT

Howard Stern has never shyed away from celebrity feuds. This time is no different as the morning radio host shook things up with Bill Maher and Dr. Phil. Stern went so far as to claim that McGraw (Dr. Phil) was a “bloodsucker.”

Howard Stern returned to the air on Monday, where he did not disappoint. One of the first callers was a young woman who was recently a guest on Dr. Phil. After admitting that she was addicted to spending, she spoke about how Phil humiliated her in front of the audience. Howard responded thusly:

“Look. Here’s the thing. These guys are bloodsucking users. They aren’t interested in helping you. The idea that they are going to get you counseling is horses--t. They feed on people like you who are desperate to get on the air...He’s an ass and you’re naive.”

The caller went on to describe what the taping was like and how Dr. Phil would only agree to give the guests 10 therapy sessions. After that it would cost them money. Howard was furious:

“He’s gonna give her 10 sessions? 10 sessions won’t put a dent in your problem...He’s a d--k. He doesn’t know Jack S--t about helping people. He’s gonna get her on the air and say, ‘You’re a dumb fu--ing bi--h.’ But that doesn’t help her. She already knows she has a problem. Dr Phil...he’s crazy.”

Things took a hard, right turn when another caller brought up Bill Maher mentioning Howard Stern on his show. Maher took Stern to task over a comment the radio host made post 9/11 when he said we should bomb any muslim country. Stern said:

“He’s quoting me after 12 years but won’t quote himself. He won’t come on the show because 12 years ago I told him I disagreed with him. I don't think the people who attacked us should be called heroes. I don’t like that he called out troops cowards.”

Stern was referring to controversial comments Bill, himself, made following the September 11 attacks. It is Howard’s belief (as well as many others) that Maher was just using Howard to deflect the media fire that his own statements came under:

“Every time he defends himself for making that comment, he brings me in. I’m a radio guy. No one is turning to me for political opinions...I like Bill and I like his show, but good lord man. Defend yourself, don’t attack me. Quote what you said and stand by it. He conveniently left his statement out of it...Bill Maher is looney and he just doesn’t know it. I don’t agree with what he said after 9/11. And he can’t get past that. He’s like a little boy who’s seeking approval. ‘Howard love me.’”

Howard also claimed that Bill is obsessed with him and can’t get over the fact that Howard wouldn’t defend the leftist statements Maher earlier made:

“He is hung up on me. I don’t know what it is with him...I don’t want to go on his show because for me to go on a show and talk politics is ludacris. I’m not versed in being a talking head for politics. I don’t want to get on there and talk about that horses--t. Get Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh...they’re into that. Why don’t you run for office Bill, if you’re into this kinda’ sh--t? You are a fu--ing maniac. How’s this, Bill? Fu-- you and leave me alone! I invited you on the show. Come on if you want.”

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