Teresa and Joe Giudice Arrest Update: ‘RHONJ’ Star Collapses Before Court Date

By Jonathan Lambert on Sep 16, 2013 02:35 PM EDT

There has been yet another update in the Teresa and Joe Giudice arrest scandal. Teresa, who stars in Bravo’s RHONJ series, reportedly collapsed before her August court date.

It’s no secret that Real Housewives of New Jersey celebs Teresa and Joe Giudice are having a hell of a year. The couple made national headlines when they were dealt multiple charges of tax fraud and other white collar crimes.

The stress from that situation has apparently caught up with Teresa, whose recent plea deal was rejected by the prosecution. New reports are claiming that she broke into tears and collapsed, prior to her August 14 court date.

A source who is allegedly close to the Giudice family spoke to OK! Magazine. The insider revealed that:

“Teresa wants everyone to think she is this tough, together Italian women, but the truth is she is scared. The night before her court appearance was too much for her to handle. She felt sick to her stomach and threw up several times before she broke down crying...When she calmed down, she forced herself to drink orange juice to get her blood sugar up.”

Since it was revealed that the 41-year-old socialite was facing a 39-count indictment, she has all but stopped eating. The stress of the situation has her wasting away. while Joe tries to get her help. The source continued:

“Joe begged her to eat something but she just couldn’t. Teresa was horrified because she is doing everything she can to shield her children from this nightmare and she knows if they see her freak out, they’ll freak out.”

If convicted, Teresa could face 50 years in prison and a fine of one million dollars.

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