Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Split over Jennifer Aniston Relationship?

By Shane Jordan on Sep 13, 2015 03:53 PM EDT

Every week the supermarket tabloids seem to have some new and compelling argument for why Brad Pitt's marriage to Angelina Jolie is on the precipice of divorce. According to the latest gossip news updates, the Unbroken director hit the roof when she recently discovered that her heartthrob husband had secretly sent ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, his best after she married Leftovers' actor Justin Theroux. Word has it that Theroux also got equally upset when Pitt's sent the newlyweds an expensive vase as a marriage gift, but chances are all those split stories are complete nonsense.

Although Jennifer Aniston has made no secret about her still being on friendly terms with Brad Pitt, the Fury actor's wife, Angelina Jolie, is supposed to have become apoplectic upon finding out he had sent the Friends beauty a few congratulatory texts upon hearing the news that she had married longtime boyfriend Justin Theroux.

One source in the latest September 21, issue of Life & Style claims that Angie immediately confronted Pitt when she discovered their back-and-forth on his phone:

"She threw the phone and demanded to know what Brad was texting with Jen behind her back.

"Angie kept hammering away for more details, and it came out that Jen had also talked about her relationship with Justin and had mentioned that they are already fighting lot.

"Jen wanted to know if Bran and Angelina had experienced the same thing post-wedding."

Meanwhile, it's being rumored that one of the things that has Justin and Jen fighting is the super-fancy wedding gift the Brad sent to their house as a wedding present.

The insider that the National Enquirer spoke to for their new issue explained that regardless of how nice a gift it may be, Theroux will likely throw it away or hide it in the back of a closet forever:

"[It was] a big Baccarat Crystal vase filled with sunflowers, and sent it over with a note of congratulations.

"But Justin is definitely no fan, so it'll be surprising if the vase ever makes another appearance in the home again."

According to the NE's informant, it's likely that Brad didn't bother telling Angie about the vase either, given how poorly his texting with Jen reportedly went (via GossipCop):

"The vase came just from Brad, so we're wondering if Angelina even knows about it."

What do you think about the tabloids' constant obsession with Brad and Angie?

Could it be that Hollywood's hottest couple are really having all the problems that they gossip magazines' say they are?

Or, is it high time they found themselves someone new to pick on?

Tell us what you think in the comment field below.

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