Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Survive Divorce Rumors: Cheating Allegations and Gay Claims Can't Hold Up [UPDATE]

By Jonathan Lambert on Sep 18, 2013 05:11 PM EDT

Looks like Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have survived rumors that the couple would be getting a divorce. The Internet went abuzz with speculation after a U.S. tabloid claimed that Tim cheated on his beautiful wife. The publication went on to claim that Tim was engaged in gay activity, however, the claims could not hold up.

As if there was any doubt, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are still a happy (and together) couple. For a few weeks there, things did get rough for the country music superstars.

The National Enquirer, America’s go-to source for all news fake, chose the McGraw/Hill household as their cover story for multiple weeks in a row. Not only did they claim that the couple was calling it quits, but they also alleged that Tim had been unfaithful to Faith.

Who did the country music juggernaut cheat on her with? The tabloid claimed that McGraw had been intimate with fellow country music singer, Taylor Swift. While there was no real basis for their allegations, Taylor has opened up for Tim on the road.

Rumors of infidelity didn’t end with Swift, either. The Enquirer also cited an unknown “former bandmate,” who claimed that McGraw would frequently engage in homoerotic behavior:

“I’m going to tell stories about how Tim made comments, and complimented some band members on the size of their manhood, as they played along with his practical jokes. They would have contests to see who could top the other with the wildest horseplay. And they would trade stories--half of them revolving around someone getting naked and doing something crazy."

This story, like every other Enquirer article, is totally nonsense.

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