Jon Lord 's "Concerto for Group & Orchestra" [VIDEO]

on Jul 18, 2012 09:59 AM EDT

Classical and rock musician Jon Lord has died of cancer at age 71.

The British musician had been hospitalized, battling with pancreatic cancer, and died after suffering a fatal pulmonary embolism at the London Clinic.

The composer of "Smoke on the Water" is known for his unique pioneering of fusing rock and classical music especially with English rock band "Deep Purple," of which Lord is the founder and keyboardist.

His best known orchestra work is Concerto for Group & Orchestra, which was premiered in 1969 at Royal Albert Hall in London with Deep Purple and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Malcolm Arnold.

Lord's solo album "To Notice Such Things," released in March 2010, was dedicated to the Jon's dear friend John Mortimer, English screenwriter, dramatist, and creator of British television series "Rumpole of The Bailey", who died in 2009.

Watch the video of the performance of his Concerto for Group & Orchestra in1969 below.

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