Princess Kate Middleton Pregnant With Baby 2? Rumors Claim Prince William and George Alexander Louis Will Expand Royal Family After Christening

By Jonathan Lambert on Sep 23, 2013 12:42 PM EDT

Rumors are flying that claim Princess Kate Middleton is already pregnant with baby 2. The allegations stem from a misleading cover story made by a popular American tabloid. While the princess is not expecting, Prince William, George Alexander Louis and the rest of the royal family is looking forward to a bigger family.

Life & Style, a tabloid that is known for it’s misleading article titles, was the source of the latest royal rumors. In their latest edition, the cover reads “Baby No 2 Already.” The headline, while sensational, is utterly misleading.

Kate Middleton is not pregnant with another child. After all, she just gave birth to her first kid, Prince George Alexander Louis. Princess Kate might not be pregnant yet, but she is considering expanding her family, claims the tabloid.

Of course, that’s probably the last thing on her mind right now. Kate and Prince William have both been pretty busy taking care of Prince George and have a number of important decisions to make.

This is especially true considering how quickly the child’s christening ceremony is approaching. Before that special day can occur, however, many things need to be done.

Chief among those duties is selecting godparents for the child. If history is any indication, six different people will be selected for the roles.

While it has not been announced who the godparents will be, there are a few choices that same virtually inevitable. For starters, William will most likely select his brother, Prince Harry of Wales, to fill one of the roles. Kate, on the other hand, will likely pick her sister, the beautiful Pippa Middleton, to serve as godmother.

The National Examiner, second only to The Onion (when it comes to made up news) claims they have the scoop on what the christening will be like. They are reporting that:

“Prince George’s godparents, most likely Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry, will stand with the new parents at the font and promise to raise HRH, Prince George Alexander Louis to follow Christ. Prince George's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, the Supreme Governor, will look on."

"The two month-old prince will be serenaded with hymns by 16 choristers from the Chapel Royal. The future monarch of England will be dressed in the original lace and silk christening robe first worn in 1841 by Queen Victoria’s son, the future King Edward VII. At the reception following the third in line to the British throne’s baptism, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will serve the top tier from their April 2011 wedding cake.”

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