Stonington Opera House Celebrates 100 Years

on Jul 18, 2012 12:44 PM EDT

The Stonington Opera House is celebrating its 100th year.

To celebrate the anniversary, Opera House Arts is putting on a show, looking back the history of the opera house.

"We hired a director and cast and created that kind of a show. We spliced some of our local history in with it and the history of the opera house," Linda Nelson, executive director of Opera House Arts, told the News Center from WCSH 6.

The Stonington Opera House, owned by the Opera House Arts since 1999, has been serving as a variety style theater in the city in Maine.

The over-100-year-old building has been renovated several times throughout its history, but it still keeps the original feeling of the building with its old piano and movie posters and a popcorn machine that dates back to the 1920's.

"It's imbedded in people's memories and our community and that's really important to us. We've worked really hard to keep the color scheme the way it is. To keep these beautiful 1930's Roosevelt movie theater seats in place," Nelson said.

Nelson added that she "hopes the opera house will be open for another 100 years so people can continue to take a walk back in time."

This summer, more than 30 programs will be held at the opera house.

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